Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 Hello there and good Tuesday  March  4 2014 to everyone I thought I would take the time to let everyone know I am truly sorry I have not been active with my blog and I thought I would revamp it and get motivated and see if I could be better at blogging and posting more of my creative projects.

   I would  like to let everyone know that I purchased the Cricut Explore last Saturday on pre order at Joann's on line after watching some videos of it in action and I could not resist and I took the plunge and I ordered it .

 I thought wile I was waiting for it to arrive I would take the time to redo my blog and get it ready for when it arrives and I do an unboxing video and  I would let you know  that I am going to be better at keeping up with this blog ok any questions and comments feel free to let me know .

 I am going to show you my  KNK Zing in action tomorrow and show you how well it works and how I like it for certain things and I like my Cricut's for other things  I have too much invested in Provo Crafts Cartages to not at least keep one of my machines so I decided to let all my other ones go excpt for the imagine and the Zing and now the explore .

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