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Cricut Explore

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to upload Cricut Imagine cartages to the gypsy

Here is a video of how to upload your Cricut Imagine Cartages to your Gypsy. Even thou you upload them to your Gypsy it is not the full cartage. You have to make sure your cartages for your Cricut Imagine are still in your Imagine machine. Since they have too much to put the full information to your Gypsy there only a small part if it so your can design with it on your Gypsy. It is not the full cartage it would eat up all the memory on board your Gypsy. Hope this helps, it is very easy to upload them to your Gypsy hope this gives you enough information to help you see how easy it can be

Best Friends Mothers day project.

Here is a project I made for mothers day using Best Friends Cricut Imagine Cartage. I made two of each one I flipped it to make it a mirror image the same on both sides and glued them to a wooden skure. And then I made a purse and punched out a hole in the bottom and put the skure thru it and glued the back of it to it and left the front open and used a bull dog clip to hold the card in place to it I also designed the card as well. Hope you like, I thought it was cute as a button.

how to update

Here is a video of how to update you cricut Imagne throu Chricut Sync