Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Regestering Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore unboxing

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

  Hi there and good Wednesday April 9th Just Back from our  wedding in New York City thought I would post my Videos of my Cricut Explore unboxing, and Cricut Design Space set up and Machine Set up and First cut.
I have divided it into two videos. Hope you enjoy and options and feed back welcome .Hope you like .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 Hello there and good Tuesday  March  4 2014 to everyone I thought I would take the time to let everyone know I am truly sorry I have not been active with my blog and I thought I would revamp it and get motivated and see if I could be better at blogging and posting more of my creative projects.

   I would  like to let everyone know that I purchased the Cricut Explore last Saturday on pre order at Joann's on line after watching some videos of it in action and I could not resist and I took the plunge and I ordered it .

 I thought wile I was waiting for it to arrive I would take the time to redo my blog and get it ready for when it arrives and I do an unboxing video and  I would let you know  that I am going to be better at keeping up with this blog ok any questions and comments feel free to let me know .

 I am going to show you my  KNK Zing in action tomorrow and show you how well it works and how I like it for certain things and I like my Cricut's for other things  I have too much invested in Provo Crafts Cartages to not at least keep one of my machines so I decided to let all my other ones go excpt for the imagine and the Zing and now the explore .